Grumpy's Automotive

Alternator Repair

Grumpy's Automotive in Crowley, TX staffs technicians that knows alternator work. If you are experiencing problems with lights staying on and or flickering or you are having trouble starting your car or truck, then you probably have a malfunctioning alternator.

Alternators generate electricity through your car/truck, making sure all systems are charged and turned on. At Grumpy's Automotive in Crowley, TX, we know how much power your alternator generates, and eventually it will lose power over time. Getting an alternator replacement in most circumstances is the only move to keep your automobile performing in top condition.

We perform top quality alternator work and we have years of experience to fall back on. Get dependable and professional alternator service that’s done right the first time. Stop by if you are in the Crowley, TX area or call to schedule an appointment today.